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Matthew Hyden

Counseling Coordinator
The Upward Bound Programs
Morehead State University

MATTHEW HYDEN is a Counseling Coordinator for the Upward Bound Programs and an Adjunct Instructor for the Department of English at Morehead State University. Matt is very involved in technology throughout the higher education and TRiO arenas. He has presented at local, state and regional conferences about integrating technology into TRiO Programs and the classroom; integrating social networking into TRiO and other college access programs; integrating TRiO Quest activities and other 21st century learning techniques into the curriculum; and about many other topics that involve integrating technology into everyday useful applications to assist TRiO professionals, students and their programs. Matt began working full time with the Upward Bound Programs at Morehead State University in 2004.

In his time with TRiO, Matt has taken on a variety of leadership positions with KAEOPP (Kentucky TRiO Programs), SAEOPP, and nationally in other organizations. In KAEOPP, he currently serves as the Technology Chair, Webmaster, Student Initiatives Co-Chair, and Scholar’s Bowl Chair. At the regional level, he serves as the Secretary of SAEOPP Board of Directors and as Technology Co-Chair. He also works as the Webmaster of the National Educational Opportunity Centers Association and the SAEOPP Center, and judges annually for the TRIO Quest Competitions. Matt resides in Morehead, KY with his wife Cathy.