Priority 6

Priority 6 TRIO Training for 2018-19

General project management for NEW DIRECTORS, ASSISTANT DIRECTORS, AND OTHERS WHO FUNCTION AS DIRECTORS who have been in their positions less than two years. This Priority, which includes the content of Absolute Priorities 1 through 5, provides new staff with the basic tools required to be a TRIO professional and serve TRIO students

  • Are you new to your job and feeling overwhelmed?
  • Do you know what data to collect and how to use it effectively?
  • Do you know what keeps your TRIO program in compliance?
If any of your answers are "NO", TRY TRAINING...THE SAEOPP WAY!

The learning objectives of PRIORITY 6 will increase participants' knowledge and skills of:
1) basic management tools which will build success within TRIO projects; 2) methods to collect, record and analyze the data that will meet the objectives of each TRIO Program; 3) effective strategies for reporting students and project performance to ED; 4) effective means of assessing student needs and tailoring counseling and support to their needs; 5) budget management through internal controls and financial management with special emphasis on fiscal governing documents; 6) information and resources on conducting a formative and summative evaluation in order to improve project and staff performance

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